More Comfort,
More Confidence.

India's First electric Cruiser - ABZO VS01

Impeccable features to help you adapt to the future of transportation

ABZO is proud to introduce our line of revolutionary Cruiser bikes with more mileage that will change the way you commute with utmost comfort on a daily basis. 


Lasts long and gets charged without taking much of your time.



Lets you control the balancing force without any hassle.

Wider Tyres

Wider Tyres

Get excellent road grip and superior performance.

Multi Drive Modes

Multi Drive Modes

ECO, Normal, Sports: Choose your speed and range with ECO, Normal, and Sports modes.

10 + KM *
Range like no other (ARAI)

0 - 60 kmph

Get speed In 6 seconds *

0.25 INR/KM *

Spend minimum per kilometer


Colors that reflects your personality.
Imperial Red

Price starts from<br /><strong>1.92* INR </strong>lacs only.

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We assure you, you will love the most confident ride.


    We assure you, you will love the ride.

    Power Drive

    Max Torque - 190 nm

    Peak power - 6.3 kW

    Regenerating Braking System

    This technology helps to improve the vehicle's overall efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


    Quick Charging - 3 Hours

    Normal Charging - 6 Hours

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