Adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle by choosing ABZO. Open fields or city roads, experience a comfortable ride.


What we do

At ABZO, we work to manufacture eco-friendly bikes that can provide an unparalleled experience to the rider. With a focus on comfortable driving experience, our team of engineers work hard to ensure minutest details are taken care of.
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Our Workshop

Starting with a small R&D section in 2019, we utilised the space to make our prototypes. Our R&D process was conducted in the presence of skilled designers and engineers. Today, our manufacturing plant covers an area of around 17069 sq. mt. We have assembly lines for smooth production, and we conduct in-house dyno tests to measure force, torque, and power.
Our hardworking and dedicated team of passionate engineers has always walked that extra mile to ensure that our bikes are the best in the industry. From late nights to emergency ARAI visits to work from home, they have always believed in our vision and supported us.

At ABZO, we have a team of passionate engineers who have made our mission their life’s work. Our team is hardworking, dedicated, and always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that our electric bikes are the best in the market. From late nights to emergency ARAI visits to work from home, they have always supported us and helped us make our little dream a reality.

We believe that electric bikes are the future of transportation, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. Our focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability has helped us create a range of electric bikes that are not only eco-friendly but also powerful, stylish, and fun to ride. Join us on this journey towards a greener, cleaner, and more enjoyable future with ABZO electric bikes.

Our Leadership

Kanchi Patel

Founder, ABZO Motors

A philomath and an explorer, Kanchi sowed the seeds for ABZO Motors back in 2018. Her curious nature and love for the environment paved the path at ABZO for electric bikes. Her determination led to manufacturing bikes which are eco-friendly, stylish and provide a comfortable mode of commute.

Chirag Patel

Co-founder, ABZO Motors

A tech lover and a fine businessman, Chirag has an experience of over 30 years in technical development, product implementation, and cost efficiency. Currently serving as the Managing Director of Trio Elevators Co. (I) Private Limited, Chirag Patel has been instrumental in driving the company’s technological advancements and expanding its reach into new markets.
Kanchi’s vision and Chirag’s expertise have led ABZO to its finest performance.

Kalpana Patel

Co-founder, ABZO Motors

A team player committed to women welfare, safeguarding the environment and supporting the development of Green Technology, Kalpana holds a degree in Mathematics from one of the top colleges in India.
Her keen eye for details backed with a strong business acumen, she is the backbone of leading business houses in implementation of exemplary business practices within the organisations. She brings along an illustrious and vast experience in the field of Business Administration and Marketing.


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